Shinn, Jay


Jay Shinn, born in Magnolia, Arkansas, lives and works between Dallas, Texas and New York.

In 2010, he held a four month artist residency in Berlin and has since visited the German capital regularly. Shinn works with a variety of processes and materials, including neon, painted projections, wall installations, painting and paper works. With the aid of physical and illusionistic elements, his artistic research explores geometrical abstractions and the boundaries of the logical and physical. 

Shinn’s work is a legacy of experimental Op and abstract art of the 1960’s. His oeuvre evokes that of Dan Flavin, Josef Albers for its depth and focus, Fritz Glarner in its geometry, and Kasimir Malevich for its subtlety. Shinn is constantly investigating how forms support one another and fit together. By playing with minimal alterations of shapes, colour and light (used in two or three dimensions, sometimes a combination of both), he creates unique geometric patterns that often provide an illusory experience of subtle movement - probing the relation between space, logic and perception - and challenging the viewer to determine what is illusion, reality or something that goes beyond.

Self proclaimed artist since the age of 7, Shinn received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, where he first started experimenting with light. His fascination for form and measure has been cultivated from an early age, strongly influenced by the work of his father, a civil engineer.

Shinn has received various grants and awards, held numerous artist residencies, and is widely exhibited in North America and Europe. He has also worked on a number of large-scale installation projects, such as the Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. His works are shown in private and public permanent collections internationally, including Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, the Neiman Marcus Collection, Microsoft, Tom Ford Collection, W Hotels, Langham Hotel Chicago and the US State Department.

In 2015, Shinn produced 3 neon multiples in Berlin for Galerie Jordan/Seydoux. view details

FR - Jay Shinn, né à Magnolia, Arkansas, habite et travaille à Dallas, Texas, et New York. En 2010, il obtient une résidence d’artiste à Berlin, et depuis il y séjourne régulièrement. Shinn emploi divers matériaux et procédés, parmi lesquels le néon, les projections peintes, les installations murales, la peinture et les oeuvres sur papier. Sa recherche artistique explore, à l’aide de composants physiques et illusionnistes, l’abstraction géométrique et les frontières de la logique et de la physique. En 2015, l'artiste réalise à Berlin trois éditions pour la Galerie Jordan/Seydoux. voir détails

DE - Jay Shinn, geboren in Magnolia, Arkansas, lebt und arbeitet in Dallas, Texas und New York. 2010 war er als "Artist in Residence" für 4 Monate in Berlin und besucht seit dem regelmäßig die deutsche Hauptstadt. Shinn arbeitet mit einer Vielfalt von Prozessen und Materialien, welche Neon, bemalte Projektionen, Wandinstallationen, Malerei und Papierarbeiten beinhalten. Mit der Hilfe von physischen und illusionistischen Elementen erforscht er in seinem künstlerischen Schaffen geometrische Abstraktionen und die Grenzen des Logischen und Physischen. 2015 hat Jay Shinn 3 Neon Multiples in Berlin für die Galerie Jordan/Seydoux produziet. Weitere Infos