Berclaz, Jean-Daniel

CH, 1955

After studies at the Paris School of Fine Arts and a promising career as a painter, the fire in his studio pushed Berclaz in another direction, that of painting without materials. He then founded the Musée du point de vue and appointed himself director.

The Museum of Point of View is a museum without walls which is "an attitude and a place where the question of point of view is submitted to everyone". In 1997 in Marseille Jean-Daniel Berclaz organises his first "Vernissage d'un point de vue" ("Opening of a point of view"). He reverses the order of things.

Rather than hosting an artwork, it is the museum (personified by the opening protocol, elegant buffet, waiters in uniform, presence of personalities ...) that comes into the artwork, a landscape carefully chosen by Berclaz, "particularly significant", socially, historically, economically..., with regard to the sponsor of the opening, institutions, cities, art centres, museums, biennials...

The public, invited to the opening of an exhibition that does not exist, becomes the artist, because "seeing is creating" or, to put it another way, "there is no art without a point of view".

To date, 92 "Vernissages d'un Point de vue" have been held in Europe and abroad.