Sha, Masha

RU, 1982

Masha Sha’s artistic practice includes videos and drawings. After studying in Saint-Petersburg she was awarded a scholarship to pursue her studies in the USA where she settled for almost 10 years. She is now based in Berlin.

Sha’s vivid, large-scale drawings spell out phrases that invite free association. Drawn with intensity, in the urgency of the moment, those sentences or words that she "collected and put in her pockets until the right time" are then possibly ours, any interpretation, in personal, communal, social, or political terms, is right.

About her videos she say: "My stories are more emotional than narrative. That's why it's impossible to say for sure what they're about. My emotional experiences will meet yours... I like the videos to be understood in different ways, that some viewers say they feel the same as what they see, while others say, "Stop! It's awful". … The main subject of my work is the human being. The human being is composed of emotions and feelings. His life is made up of the eternal search for what is real and true, of the struggle for freedom. He experiences the duality of body and soul, corporality and its overcoming, loneliness, vulnerability, complicated relationships, time, life and death. My videos are about the human being trying to understand what happens around him, in him and without him."