Quinby, Diana

US, 1967

Diana Quinby is an American born (New York, 1967) artist who lives and works outside of Paris, France. She’s essentially a graphic media artist, concentrating exclusively on drawing and intaglio printing. She exhibits regularly in France and in Europe. Having completed a Doctoral thesis in Art History at the University of Paris-1 in 2003, she also writes press releases and catalog essays for other artists. Her thesis, The Women/Art Collective in Paris in the 1970’s, studies the relationship between women, art and feminism in the wake of the French Women’s Liberation Movement.

“For several years now I have been drawing the body, cropping and enlarging, reinventing how I see and experience human form through a dense accumulation of graphite on paper. My recent drawings, all representing a truncated couple, a man and a woman side by side, appear to constitute a series, or variations of the same theme. The densely overlaid lines suggest both sculptural volume as well as body hair, or a “pelt of flesh” as one art critic has written. The drawing process is slow and meditative; the layering of graphite lines may well have more to do with marking the passage of time than with actually marking the paper’s surface. My penchant for incised line is perhaps rooted in my experience as an intaglio printer; but also in my experience as a writer. Wielding my pencil across the paper’s surface, I describe and invent intimate epidermal happenings, inscribing the skin with its own story.”