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  • de Bloeme, Ronald


2016-11-12 - 2017-01-14

One exhibition about text based art in two locations. Curated by Jordan/Seydoux & Pierre Granoux – Lage Egal

Opening on Friday, 11th November 2016
Exhibition: 12.11. 2016 – 14.1. 2017

Opening on Thursday, 15th December 2016
Exhibition: 16.12. 2016 – 3.2. 2017
Danziger Str. 145 10407 Berlin

The third CROSSWORDS exhibition recommences, and thus the surprising game between language and art, explored previously by JORDAN/SEYDOUX and LAGE EGAL, begins once more. Words and letters get mixed up, rejoined in poetry and playfully brought into new contexts. The exhibition displays an overview of positions from the early 1970s to the newest artistic practices. After all, words have always been there for us.

However, it is not only the texts, but also the audience which is set in motion here. The exhibition occurs simultaneously in two locations: at JORDAN/SEYDOUX in Mitte and at LAGE EGAL in Prenzlauer Berg, producing a rare collaboration between a gallery and an off-space. Two poles of a creative dialogue, rich in allusions, humour, irony and passion for the printed word. Between them, a space for further conversations is created.

JORDAN/SEYDOUX opens the dialogue in November with a salon-style exhibition, presenting drawings and paintings, together with limited editions, multiples and photographs, while LAGE EGAL awaits the darkest month of the year to show a selection of light and neon words/works in December.

Alexandre Léger • Ana Mendes • Anders Bonnesen • Antoanetta Marinov • Antonio Catelani • Art & Language • Bernard Heidsieck • Bettina Hutschek • Birte Endrejat • Bruno Nagel • Christine Gedeon • Cia Rinne • Claude Faure • Claude Horstmann • Daniela Comani • Esther Horn • Francis Zeischegg • Francisco da Mata • franckDavid • Frederik Foert • Gianpaolo Pagni • Hagen Schümann • Ioana Alexe • Irene Hug • Isabel Kerkermeier • Joel Ducorroy • Johann Camut • John Giorno • Jurgen Ostarhild • Kathrin Pohlmann • Lukas Troberg • Marc Rebollo • Marcus Neufanger • Marte Kiessling • Martin Assig • Mary Bauermeister • Matthias Pilsz • Nicolas Manenti • Oliver Hartung • Oliver van den Berg • Peder K. Bugge • Peter Freitag • Peter Saul • Pierre Granoux/Sven Lindhorst-Emme • Pierre Juillerat • Pietro Sanguineti • Ralf Schmitt • Regine Kolle • Reinhard Doubrawa • Roland Fuhrmann • Ronald de Bloeme • Signe Guttormsen • Stephan Brenn • Tere Recarens • Ties Ten Bosch • Tim Plamper • Ulrike Kuschel

List of works (PDF)

Invitation Card (PDF)

Photos by Paula G. Vidal