Back On The Block

2019-09-07 - 2019-09-15

Pop-Up-Exhibition in Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111

With works by: John ARMLEDER, Tony CRAGG, Damien DEROUBAIX, Ingo FRÖHLICH, Imi KNOEBEL, Bertrand LAVIER, François MORELLET, Diana QUINBY, Françoise PÉTROVITCH, Peter SAUL, Anton WEBER.

Opening on Friday, 6 September 2019
Exhibition: 7 - 8 and from 11 to 15 September, 2-7 pm

Torstraße 111, 10119 Berlin

Jordan/Seydoux is delighted to announce its first pop-up exhibition! After 10 years in the Auguststraße we moved to the Internet-Cloud at the end of 2018 and now, at the invitation of Ulrike Seyboth and Ingo Fröhlich, we are thrilled to be able to show you a selection of works in the great Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstraße 111.

The exhibition "Back On The Block", after the name of a piece by Quincy Jones, presents works by artists we have already shown in the past. Their diversity and quality accurately reflect the gallery's aspirations.

Humour, in abstract or figurative mode: Bertrand Lavier in his series "Walt Disney Productions". A bit hidden, but always present: mathematical systems by François Morellet. The caustic humour of the engravings of the American Peter Saul or the subtle joke of John Armedler in his hypnotic homage to Kinetic Art (silkscreen on aluminium sheet).

Radically minimal in Imi Knoebel's portfolio "Schwules Bild (Gay Picture)". Published in 2014, it is based on the eponymous group of large-format wooden paintings from 1976. "Schwules Bild" marks the first step into the splitting of form and color that would be so groundbreaking for Knoebel's later work.

We also feature limited editions by Tony Cragg, Françoise Pétrovitch and Damien Deroubaix. In addition to their work as a sculptor, painter or draftsman, the artists familiar with printmaking regularly produce high-quality signed und numbered prints. The short-run prints are an important part of their work and artistic research, affordable to buy and accessible to a wider audience.

Drawing is represented by works by Diana Quinby and Ingo Fröhlich. The latter focuses on the observation and study of nature, the former on the naked human body.

Our outsider is Anton Weber and his Art Brut. Two sculptures made of natural components, barks, mosses, feathers, shells and small plastic animals. They are strange, bewildering figures like nature spirits emerging from fairy tales and ancient epics.

The gallery is pleased to be back in Mitte and we hope to welcome you at the opening on September 6th. The pop-up exhibition runs parallel to Berlin Art Week and will be on view until September 15th.

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Photos Paula G. Vidal