2014-05-15 - IMI KNOEBEL "Schwules Bild" 1976/2014

IMI KNOEBEL, "Schwules Bild", 2014
Nach Bildentwürfen von 1976 / After works from 1976
8-Teilige Mappe / 8-part portfolio
Hochdruck und Prägedruck auf 350g Magnani Incisioni Papier / Relief print and embossing on 350 g Magnani Incisioni paper
70 x 50 cm
Edition of 36 + 3 AP and 1 HC
10 000 €

The portfolio Schwules Bild (Gay Picture) consists of eight prints. They are based on a group of paintings (acrylic on wood, each approximately 200 x 150 cm) of the same name, which the artist produced in 1976.

This original, eight-part work was presented to art-viewing audiences for the very first time in the exhibition "IMI KNOEBEL – Works 1966–2014" at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (October 25, 2014–February 15, 2015).

Schwules Bild marks Imi Knoebel's first step into the fragmentation of form and color, a quality which would make the artist's later work so pioneering.
That the series is of such central importance within Knoebel's work becomes clear when one thinks of the more internationally well-known series 24 Farben für Blinky (24 Colors for Blinky), which is in the collection of the renowned Dia Art Foundation, NY. Like Schwules Bild, this work also consists of monumental monochrome colors, forms cut out of wood panels that have been individually mounted on the wall.

The portfolio corresponding to this key moment in Knoebel's work was published in a collaboration between Galerie Bernard Jordan Zürich, Galerie Jordan/Seydoux Berlin, and Galerie Catherine Putman Paris. It was printed in April 2014 in the printstudio of Angela Schröder and Jürgen Zeidler in Zehdenick, Brandenburg.