with Bryan McCormack, Dr. Henry Bell and Performers from the Sheffield Hallam University.

For the first time in Berlin
On Saturday, 7th July 2018 at 8pm
duration 45 mn

The Gallery Jordan/Seydoux is very pleased to host on July 7th the performance „Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow“: this ongoing project, initiated by Irish Artist and Activist Bryan McCormack, is based on drawings made by refugees that McCormack has been collecting all over Europe.

Since 2016 McCormack has visited hundreds of refugees in centres, camps, squats and shelters across Europe. He asked them to draw three drawings: one of their life before (YESTERDAY), one of their current life (TODAY), and one of their imagined future (TOMORROW).

Each of these drawings is a voice, an individuals story, that has been given a platform with which to be shared.

« YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW » started out as a conceptual art project with the intention of giving the refugee population their own singular, common voice by creating a visual language that can be communicated by every man, woman and child, independently of nationality, education, language or dialect spoken.

The performance is an active meditation of the experience of the refugees, opposed to a traditional voyeuristic approach, it is a chance to have their stories shared with dignity.


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Read more about the performance in Berlin (PDF)

Read more about the project (PDF)