Exhibition + Event on Saturday, 5th November 2016, 3-8 pm
Artworks and books by Bernard Heidsieck (1928-2014) will be on display in the gallery.
Event (Performance+Video+Open Discussion) starts at 5 pm:

- Performance: Loré Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano, performs Bernard Heidsieck’s « Poème-Partition D3Z, sur 7 Métasignes de Jean Degottex » (1961)

- Video: Bernard Heidsieck performing « Vaduz » (1974, 12’), from Frédéric Acquaviva’s film « Tout autour de Bernard Heidsieck » (2002-2013, 119’)

- Open discussion: In his poem « Vaduz », Heidsieck starts from Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein, and lists one by one all the peoples and ethnic groups that can be find all around. Both a great humanist work and an extreme experiment of poetry-action, how can it be used as a tool to reflect on the current migratory situation?

curated by La Plaque Tournante (Frédéric Acquaviva & Loré Lixenberg) and Galerie Jordan/Seydoux

with the friendly support of the Institut français Allemagne

About Bernard Heidseick:
Bernard Heidseick (1928-2014) decided in the mid-1950s to break off from written poetry, and to bring it outside of books. He opposed passive poetry to active poetry, to an “on its feet” poetry, in his own words. Starting in 1955 he was one of the founders of Sound Poetry, and in 1962 of Action Poetry. As early as 1959 he used a tape recorder as an additional means for writing and retransmitting, opening his research to new experimental fields.

While remaining concerned with semantics, Bernard Heidseick became increasingly independent from the constraints of language. He explored all its formal aspects, either by spatializing the text in his written scores, or by the presence of his body in space. He gave sound a formal dimension, notably through an exceptional diction based as much on breathing as on articulating perfectly or on constantly renewing the inflections of his voice.

He organized in 1976 in Paris at the Annick Le Moine Studio the first International Festival of Sound Poetry, and along with Michèle Métail, the International Festival of Sound Poetry in Rennes, at Le Havre and in Paris at the Centre Georges Pompidou. He has made over 540 public readings of his texts in 20 different countries.

Jordan/Seydoux is very happy to invites you to its second “Kunst & Cocktails” evening. Along with drinks there will be a commented tour by curator Thibaut de Ruyter about the current “NEUE-NEUE NATIONALGALERIE - Homage to François Morellet” exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday 21st October - "Kunst & Cocktails"
6.30 pm-9 pm
Commented tour at 7 pm

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zu unserem zweiten “Kunst & Cocktails” einladen. Neben kühlen Drinks wird Kurator Thibaut de Ruyter eine ausführliche Führung zu der aktuellen “NEUE-NEUE NATIONALGALERIE - Hommage an François Morellet” Ausstellung geben.
Wir würden uns sehr freuen Sie an diesem Abend zu sehen!

Freitag, 21. Oktober - "Kunst & Cocktails"
18:30 - 21 Uhr
Führung um 19 Uhr

30 Sept, 1 & 2 Oct 2016
la maison rouge
10 boulevard de la Bastille, Paris 12e

A new art fair devoted to a wide range of contemporary art editions. Galerie Jordan/Seydoux will present limited editions by Frank Badur, Daniela Comani and François Morellet.


Selected Editions 1965 - 1972
The Philippe Méaille Collection
currated by
Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts

Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts (jsvcPROJECTS/London) is delighted to announce the arrival of ART & LANGUAGE MADE IN ZURICH to Chicago for EXPO CHICAGO, held at Navy Pier.

Press Release (PDF)

jsvcPROJECTS/London - Stand 127
September 22-25 2016
General Admission
Friday–Saturday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 6:00pm

"Ondes parasites 3" by François Morellet, which is part of our current exhibition "Neue-Neue Nationalgalerie - Homage to François Morellet" can also be auctioned along with 11 other artworks at the Tagesspiegel-Auktion.

For further information visit: http://auktion.tagesspiegel.de

SAVE THE DATE "Kunst & Cocktails" on Friday, 8th July, 7 pm

Jordan/Seydoux cordially invites you to our first “Kunst & Cocktails” evening.
Along with drinks there will be a guided tour (in German) of the current “BONJOUR MONSIEUR BASELITZ !” exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you there!

On the occasion of Frank Badur’s new solo show Grids & Lines (10 March - 23 April 2016), Jordan/Seydoux has produced three large-scale prints by the artist.
They were printed by the Tabor Presse studio which has developed especially for Badur’s work a technique with MDF boards. This technique allows the colours to be both soft and vibrant, a characteristic of Badur’s work.

Die Galerie freut sich sehr das Erscheinen drei neuer Graphiken von Frank Badur bekannt zu geben. Sie spiegeln Badurs malerisches Schaffen wider und wurden zum Anlass der Einzelaustellung Grids & Lines (10. März bis 23. April 2016) herausgegeben.

Gedruckt wurde diese Edition bei Tabor Presse Berlin, welche speziell für Frank Badur eine Technik mit MDF-Platten entwickelt hat. Durch diese Technik kommt die für die Arbeiten des Künstlers so charakteristische weiche und zugleich fein schwingende Farbwirkung zustande.

Frank Badur
Ohne Titel 1, 2, 3 – 2016
Farbholzschnitt auf Büttenpapier / Colour woodcut
70 x 100 cm – Auflage 27 / Edition of 27
900 € je / each

Fotos Paula G. Vidal Photography


25-28 février 2016 - Stand B201, secteur éditeur
Artistes présentés : Frank Badur, Tony Cragg, Felipe Espinosa "Lottas",
François Morellet, Françoise Pétrovitch

Etai-néon et mobilier par Aurélien Imbert

Une partie du stand sera consacrée à l’œuvre imprimé de François Morellet avec un choix d’une trentaine d’estampes, allant de 1965 à aujourd’hui.

Trois nouvelles éditions de l’artiste allemand Frank Badur, xylographies en couleur de grand format, seront présentées en avant-première.

Photos du stand : maxime dufour photographies